Friday: Mixed Feelings

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag of feelings for me. I awoke to the breaking news story that the United Kingdom (UK) has voted to leave the European Union (EU). Yes, I voted. I won’t say for which side because that isn’t how democracy works.

It seems a lot of people have been misguided into believing that now the UK is out of the EU they’re all going to be rounded up, deported and made redundant. This is not the case, it is 2016 not 1939. 

As i’m sitting at the dining room table with my cup of coffee the Prime Minister gives a speech. In short he is going to resign as Prime Minister in October, before the Conservative Party Conference. 

It is said that change is a good thing. I don’t personally believe this quote. Every time I have changed something for the better I always miss something of the old. Whether its a car, motorbike, job, a pair of shoes, anything. 

With a fresh change on the horizon maybe a change of leadership, and, a step back from the EU is a good thing?  Who knows? 

I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out. But, if we do descend into post-apocalyptic / political anarchy I’ll certainly be ready and keeping myself well out of the way.

Friday: Mixed Feelings

The Brutal Curse of Overthinking. . .


Overthinking: to think about (something) too much or for too long.

I’m a worrier, and as I looked back over the last 15 years of my life I seemed to worry about everything. I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m human enough to admit the error of my ways. But I wanted to find out where this worrying problem began. Shockingly it wasn’t as far back as I first thought.

When I first started looking back and gathering my research it seemed funny to think that I worried about issues that were so meaningless and insignificant. Things like my school work / grades, what my friends would think if I mixed with certain social groups, how certain girls would react when I sent them text messages.  But none the less, at the time it really stressed me out and really wore me down. In retrospect this stress probably led to my inability to concentrate in class!

It always seemed that every scenario / event had a thousand different outcomes all of them negative. Even though the problem would either end up being okay or end up sorting itself out.

I managed to take my mind off the overthinking issue for a few years and focussed on my college and university work. (and playing copious amounts of video games!!!!). As my time at Uni went on it seemed my problem resurfaced, and with resurfaced, I mean with a vengeance.

This issue seemed to stem from trusting people too easily, letting them in too close, and, in the end, being made to feel heartbroken and unwanted. This happened on two separate occasions and I can honestly say it has badly affected me. It affected me in such a way I’m left thinking about every logical outcome to scenarios before they would even happen. Sometimes the scenarios would be total fantasy and never actually happen. It put such an emotional strain on me and I was struggling to cope. Talking about it, and, apologising for having these thoughts only made the situations worse. Not only did it make things awkward but I feel it has made me sound like a right dodgy person!!

Tonight though I feel like I have made a breakthrough. When I start to overthink things I now take a deep breath, make ONE decision and then deal with the consequences. I now eliminate the need for me to think of every possible if, but, should have, would have and could have to my question.

Does anyone else suffer with overthinking? and Does anyone have a good way of dealing with it? It would be awesome if you could leave any of your experiences in the comments section and we could look to start a separate blog or forum about it?  Let me know!!!

Literal Gentleman.

The Brutal Curse of Overthinking. . .