The Summer 2016 so far. . .

Summer is finally here. It is around 30 degrees in London and I’m not complaining.

In my previous post I promised you all an update.

After two and half years The Swede and I are no longer together. It was a good two and a half years. It just got to the point where I was not happy and felt like I couldn’t be myself. We decided to stay friends which is cool as we did have some fun times together.

It’s quite weird as I thought that when we would eventually break up I would end up being bored. In fact it’s the polar opposite. I’ve been going to the gym more often and playing a lot of tennis after work. For the first time in two years I’ve had to decline an invitation out as I had already planned to go out with someone else.

As I mentioned above I’ve started playing tennis after work. It has been about 11 years since I last played tennis properly. I was a bit nervous to start playing again. I play with one of my colleagues from work. He’s an awesome player, and, at the same time he points out where I need to improve my game. Every week we both seem to be improving our game, we’ll be pros in no time!!

Three weeks ago I met up with one of my friends I haven’t seen in years. I suppose you could say he is a long lost friend, we met up and spent an afternoon drinking tea, talking all things tech, discussing Brexit and chilling out.

I totally forgot to write about seeing Hans Zimmer in April. One of my good friends booked up tickets to see Hans Zimmer in April at Wembley Arena. It was Hans Simmers first World Tour and it was incredible. His musical scores in movies are amazing and to see him perform to a sold out crowd at Wembley Arena was awesome. I cannot wait until I get the chance to see him again!!

Apart from working, playing tennis and going to the gym I haven’t really had much time for myself. I’ve still got some holiday planning to do with my friend. He is an absolute legend and after his planning and fantastic organisation our road trip around Yosemite is going to be epic!!

Anyway, I think you’ve all heard enough about what I’ve been up to. I better get back to it, my daily to-do list and my yearly bucket list waits for no man!!

The Summer 2016 so far. . .

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