The Sound of Silence

I’m lying in bed, the orange glow of the street lights are shining through my open curtains. The display of my alarm clock is illuminating my room in a dark shade of red.

The display on my clock is a blur of numbers. I’m too tired to comprehend what time the clock is displaying.
I lay there awake, a sense of drowsiness attacks me, but sleep continues to elude me. My mind seems to be in overdrive and my heart is beating out of my chest.

The sound of silence poisons me. My ears are now tuned into something beyond the quiet. A high pitch whistling fills my ears. I block my ears with my fingers and the noise feels like its embedded in my brain.

The high pitched whistling cancels out the quiet and I soon drift off to sleep. I awake to the buzzing of my alarm clock, I feel more exhausted than when my head first hit the pillow.

I sit on the edge of my bed, my hands rubbing my face. I mentally tell myself “another day, another dollar, up and at ’em.” I wake up and head downstairs for breakfast.

The Sound of Silence

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