My Swedish Adventure

This post has been a long time in the making. Below is my account of my epic adventure to Sweden with my girlfriend – (who happens to be Swedish! 😛 )

The Flight Out

The mini-cab arrived around 03:30 and thanks to our speedy mini-cab driver we arrived ahead of schedule. It left us with enough time to sort out our bags and get some well needed coffee before flying. The flight left on time and landed in Copenhagen ahead of schedule. We chose to fly with EasyJet. It was my first time flying with them and I was very impressed. When we landed I expected Copenhagen to be all in Danish with no English translations. It was the total opposite and felt like an English airport.

Version 2

The train journey from Denmark to Sweden took around one hour and forty five minutes. As you leave the train station you cross the mighty Øresund Bridge / tunnel that connects Denmark to Sweden. It was fantastic!


On a slightly weird note: once the train had passed into Sweden I felt like I was in Legoland. The architecture looked exactly the same as the Mini World attraction. Then I slept through the entire train journey and didn’t wake up until the stop before we were getting off.

The Swedish Countryside

The Swedish Countryside is just beautiful. Words cannot describe how quiet and picturesque it is. Below are some of my favourite photos.


Kubb: Something I’m good at!

While I was in Sweden I was introduced to a traditional Swedish game called Kubb. The aim of the game is to knock down the opposing sides skittles. If you knock a skittle down the you must throw it and place it where it stands. The opposing team must knock that skittle down before they can hit any other skittles. If the opposing team fails to knock down that skittle then you can stand there and take your next throw from that spot. Once you have knocked down all the skittles you must knock down the king. If you knock over the king before this point the opposing team automatically wins. I was naturally good at Kubb and won every game that I played!

Going to the beach at Skummeslöv

The beach at Skummeslöv was brilliant. We managed to borrow some bicycles and do some cycling. The beach itself was pretty cool, the depth stayed the same for ages. If anyone knows the beach at Ryde on the Isle of Wight it was like that. Except the beach at Ryde goes out for MILES before it gets deep, rather than metres like at Skummeslöv. We done a bit of swimming in the sea (which was freezing!) before we headed back to the car. Below are some photos from Skummeslöv.



The Moose Safari.

The Smålandet Moose safari in Markaryd was so amazing. We drove there in extremely wet and rainy conditions. We almost considered not going but we pressed on and would decide when we arrived at the safari. It was my first time driving on the right hand side of the road. The novelty soon wore off and it then just felt like normal driving. We arrived and decided to go in. I was very surprised as moose are huge!! Before we boarded the land train to embark upon the safari we grabbed some Swedish pancakes and shopped for souvenirs. I’ve added a photo of the pancakes below because they’re literally too good to miss! When we started the moose safari for some I couldn’t help but feel like I was in Jurassic Park. . .I’m such a nerd and I love it!!!! Below are a selection of my favourite photos from the moose safari.






After my visit to Sweden I realise that:

  1. I need to learn how to speak and hold down a conversation in Swedish.
  2. Practice to be a Champion at Mario Kart.
  3. Make sure I learn how to play the totally kick ass card games we played.
  4. The night sky is fantastic.
  5. Sweden need me on their National Kubb team.
  6. Driving on the Right is the same as driving on the Left.
  7. Swedish rain is equally as bad as British rain.
  8. Moose are really big!
  9. Swedish home cooked food is amazing!
  10. Kebab Pizza, yes, it exists in Sweden!

It was heartbreaking sitting in Copenhagen Airport, Sweden you have not seen the last of me . . . The Literal Gentleman will return!!



My Swedish Adventure