Road trip down to Dover Castle and Deal

Road trip down to Dover Castle and Deal. . .

London to Dover
As the title suggests last Saturday I decided to go on a road trip to Dover Castle and Deal with my girlfriend. I tried to keep the location of our road trip a secret to make it a surprise. But weirdly, there was a documentary on the TV the night before we were going and I dropped a massive hint to watch it.

The drive down was pretty cool. I decided for an early start to avoid any potential holiday traffic on the motorway. The traffic on the way down was pretty much non-existent. The weather was okay too, it was a mixture of overcast skies and mist. The sun tried to make an appearance through the cloud but it didn’t break through. As I was driving along I realised the music I bought along ¬†was terrible and my MP3 player was left at home. My girlfriend loved my driving and my wonderful taste in music so much she drifted off to sleep! ūüôā

We arrived at our destination of Dover Castle shortly before 11:00. In my opinion Dover Castle is one of the most interesting, fascinating and best looking castles i’ve ever been to. A photo of Dover Castle is shown below:


It was Easter Weekend and it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. The queue to get in was quite small and before we knew it we were walking around the medieval tunnels. After our short walk around the medieval tunnels we both decided it was time for a ¬†coffee break, and the mother of all cakes. I treated us both to a Belgian Bun which looked phenomenal. I apologise that there isn’t a photo of the Belgian Bun but I ate it too quickly!!! After our necessary coffee and cake break we walked up to the keep, which in my opinion, is the main area of the castle. When walked under the gate, over the draw bridge, on our way to the keep I couldn’t help but start to hum the Game of Thrones theme song. Whilst walking around the castle I kept imaging medieval scenes that would probably would’ve taken place in the castle.

Once we were inside the keep we decided to climb the 100 plus steps to the roof. The climb to the top was a proper trek. I definitely feel I worked off the coffee and cake by the time I reached the roof. The views from the roof were pretty epic, even on a cloudy day. The photo below shows the view of Dover Harbour.

You can really see why the location of this castle is so important!

After the 100 plus steps to ground level we then had a mandatory stop off in the gift shop. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t find any pin badges to add to my pin cushion.

Once we had finished bargain hunting – or not – as was the case, we headed up to the church and the Roman lighthouse “Pharos.” The lighthouse looked amazing and it’s breath taking to realise that it has been standing for nearly 2000 thousand years. The St Mary’s in Castro church next door was very nice. Inside it was very quaint and some people were preparing some flower displays for the Easter Sunday church service. The flower displays looked beautiful.

The next destination on our road trip was a small town just up the road from Dover called Deal. Deal was a beautiful, very small, narrow town. I only recommend walking down the famous Middle Street. It is VERY narrow and only suitable for one car at a time. It was even small for my little car. We eventually found a parking space and decided to grab some food on Deal Pier. By now the weather had really picked up and the sun was shining. After a quick bite to eat we grabbed some coffees to go and headed back to the car.

The last stops on our epic road trip were St Margarets at Cliffe and The White Cliffs. I really like St Margarets at Cliffe, it’s very peaceful and has an awesome view looking out over the English Channel. From here you can see why this part of the English Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes. The only downside to here was that there isn’t really any facilities and the road is EXTREMELY bumpy. My car turned into a washing machine on the short drive down the road. The White Cliffs is a really good place to stop off before heading home as it has really good facilities (toilets and coffee shop) and a fairly decent view of Dover Harbour. It was really nice to sit up there with my roof down briefly relaxing in the sunshine ¬† before hitting the road home.

Total journey distance: 245 miles
Total drive time: 8 hours
Total steps climbed in the castle: 120 up, 110 down. 230 overall.

Dover Castle:

White Cliffs:

Jasins Restaurant, Deal Pier:

Road trip down to Dover Castle and Deal